Goodbye to Neverland

So I was hanging out with Deanna Wantz last week, and she was talking to me about life after college. One thing really hit me when she was talking…I have a little over a year left until I am working out in the world. She asked me, “What’s on your college bucket list?” I had not even thought about it. What am I going to do this year? By next May I will have an adult job (hopefully), working full time, and I won’t get to drop everything and go hiking or whatever

(eventually I will have to grow up learn how to act and leave my apathetic attitude behind)…it’s time to get serious, and live this “college life” to the fullest.

So this is my Junior/Senior College Bucket List:

* Take a road trip to Tennessee

* Hike through the Wichita Mountains

* Have my own garage sale

* Go on a Mission trip

* Make all A’s and B’s in a semester


* Work at CWE

* Go to Will’s Wedding

* Have a paint party

* Read 30 Books

* Read through the entire Bible

* Straddle a state line

* Drive to the beach spontaneously just to feel the sand between my toes

* Be able to run around Boomer Lake 3 times without stopping

* Get a snowcone with a friend and talk about Jesus for Hours on end

* Find a Honda CRV for graduation present 🙂

* Share a twix with a stranger

* Clear my Laptop of all old papers and notes

If y’all can think of anything else that would be fun to do, leave a comment and let me know!!! I’m taking this seriously 🙂 Livin it up college style 🙂