I Almost Lost it…and then…

Yesterday was the epitome of a bad day.  I do not get stressed out/freaked out/pulled thin very often, but yesterday was definitely my limit.  I ended the day in tears on my kitchen floor with my friends surrounding me with hugs and cookies (YEAH! My friends are AWESOME!) I’m not sure what happened to me, but I was stressed out to the max pulling hair out of my head chunks at a time! -not really, but it was close-

Everything piled up at once.  I had 17 pages of papers to write before today, I had a test to take online, I had to do our kid’s ministry at church for 2 hours, and then on top of it all, my stinking car broke, and I can’t drive it.  So now we are looking into a new car for me because apparently I ruined my transmission or some other really important part of a vehicle that you aren’t supposed to break (way to go Megz!)  All this said….I was a little on edge…Luckily Jesus loves me through my friends in my tough times…

Thankfully, Jesus knows my heart,  and He knows I needed to be loved by some friends.  Luckily He blessed me with friends that are willing to put off their sleep and bring me cookies/tissues for my tears/nuts to snack on/Reeses/ AND they sang to me on my porch! Can you say cheering someone up in 12 different languages?!?! Yeah…I can’t either, but you get the point.  I was sitting in my kitchen crying at every little thing that happened (my phone falling off the table made me cry! PATHETIC!), and my friend Dane Miodov decided he wanted to bring me coffee and a cookie, followed by food/laughter/friends (Matt Callan and Dom Elliott)/and serenades AT 1:30AM! (Yeah, I know you are jealous of my friends) 🙂 I truly am blessed and thankful that Jesus continues to shine His light in my most pathetically dark moments.  Needless to say…I will be resting over Spring Break like nobody’s business!

Dane, Matt, and Dom-

Thank you for the hugs!