I Almost Lost it…and then…

Yesterday was the epitome of a bad day.  I do not get stressed out/freaked out/pulled thin very often, but yesterday was definitely my limit.  I ended the day in tears on my kitchen floor with my friends surrounding me with hugs and cookies (YEAH! My friends are AWESOME!) I’m not sure what happened to me, but I was stressed out to the max pulling hair out of my head chunks at a time! -not really, but it was close-

Everything piled up at once.  I had 17 pages of papers to write before today, I had a test to take online, I had to do our kid’s ministry at church for 2 hours, and then on top of it all, my stinking car broke, and I can’t drive it.  So now we are looking into a new car for me because apparently I ruined my transmission or some other really important part of a vehicle that you aren’t supposed to break (way to go Megz!)  All this said….I was a little on edge…Luckily Jesus loves me through my friends in my tough times…

Thankfully, Jesus knows my heart,  and He knows I needed to be loved by some friends.  Luckily He blessed me with friends that are willing to put off their sleep and bring me cookies/tissues for my tears/nuts to snack on/Reeses/ AND they sang to me on my porch! Can you say cheering someone up in 12 different languages?!?! Yeah…I can’t either, but you get the point.  I was sitting in my kitchen crying at every little thing that happened (my phone falling off the table made me cry! PATHETIC!), and my friend Dane Miodov decided he wanted to bring me coffee and a cookie, followed by food/laughter/friends (Matt Callan and Dom Elliott)/and serenades AT 1:30AM! (Yeah, I know you are jealous of my friends) 🙂 I truly am blessed and thankful that Jesus continues to shine His light in my most pathetically dark moments.  Needless to say…I will be resting over Spring Break like nobody’s business!

Dane, Matt, and Dom-

Thank you for the hugs!



Goodbye to Neverland

So I was hanging out with Deanna Wantz last week, and she was talking to me about life after college. One thing really hit me when she was talking…I have a little over a year left until I am working out in the world. She asked me, “What’s on your college bucket list?” I had not even thought about it. What am I going to do this year? By next May I will have an adult job (hopefully), working full time, and I won’t get to drop everything and go hiking or whatever

(eventually I will have to grow up learn how to act and leave my apathetic attitude behind)…it’s time to get serious, and live this “college life” to the fullest.

So this is my Junior/Senior College Bucket List:

* Take a road trip to Tennessee

* Hike through the Wichita Mountains

* Have my own garage sale

* Go on a Mission trip

* Make all A’s and B’s in a semester


* Work at CWE

* Go to Will’s Wedding

* Have a paint party

* Read 30 Books

* Read through the entire Bible

* Straddle a state line

* Drive to the beach spontaneously just to feel the sand between my toes

* Be able to run around Boomer Lake 3 times without stopping

* Get a snowcone with a friend and talk about Jesus for Hours on end

* Find a Honda CRV for graduation present 🙂

* Share a twix with a stranger

* Clear my Laptop of all old papers and notes

If y’all can think of anything else that would be fun to do, leave a comment and let me know!!! I’m taking this seriously 🙂 Livin it up college style 🙂

What Does Your March Mean?

I am sitting in my living room (thinking about how much I have to pee)…yup…hold on one second…

Ok, I’m back…I wanted to really start setting goals monthly, and not only set them, but accomplish them! So I have decided that my March 2012 means…

Image* Running/Walking EVERY day

* One pop a day or less

* Read one chapter of “Calm My Anxious Heart” a week

* Memorize one verse a week

* Clean my room once a week

* Skype with Reagan and Kenzi at least once this month

* Meet with Taylor Barnes every Monday

* Study/Do Homework at least 30 min a day

* Don’t wear makeup 3 days

* Celebrate mom’s birthday 🙂

* Hopefully Chasity Duncan can come home with me

* Something EPIC with Jesus over Spring Break 🙂

Some of these things may seem silly, but hey…that’s what my March means to me 🙂 Silliness with Jesus, family, friends, and workouts 🙂

Do You Ever…?

Today is a day that I just want to love. What does that mean you may ask? I mean I literally feel the sun shining on my face and arms, I see the blue sky and the green grass and I wanna roll in it. I wanna find the nearest biggest hill and roll down it like I’m 10 years old again. It’s a giddy Thursday 🙂

Most importantly though, I want to love on people. I want to give everyone I see a cupcake. I want to pass out high-fives (or fist bumps if you will) like they are going out of style. I want to run around telling everyone how amazing they are…even people I don’t know! All I can do is smile when I look around today. It is such a joy to be able to SEE (without glasses or contacts if I may); it is such a joy to take a breath and smell the wind 🙂 As Brooke Fraser would say, “There’s somethin in the water that makes me love you like I do. Doo Doo Doodoo Doo” Such a joy to sing and dance as everyone stares at you because you’re in public and YOU DON’T CARE! Ha!Ha! Now…I know a lot of you are probably wondering why I want to run around campus giving people high-fives and fist bumps…maybe you’re thinking…”ok, Megan’s gone all hippee cray cray.” I don’t really know what you’re thinking, but I’m about to explain what I’m thinking 🙂

I have been reading the book BOLD LOVE by Dr. Dan B. Allender & Dr. Tremper Longman III. This book is definitely “old school,” but Jesus is doing so much through it. I am in a chapter about forgiveness right now, and to be honest…FORGIVENESS is the EXACT reason I am in such a loving mood. If you seriously stop and think about the vastness of forgiveness that Jesus has lavished over us by dying on the cross…DYING, we are living in the freedom of Jesus because He was willing to take take take it all (via Hillsong) for us! He says, “I love you more” every single day!

I want to love people the way that Jesus did. I want to forgive the way that Jesus did. He said, “Love as I have loved you.” John 13:34. If that were the case…we wouldn’t hold grudges, we wouldn’t ignore people, we wouldn’t hate, we wouldn’t persecute…I know many of you may be thinking (just as I did for awhile) “Well, if someone intentionally hurt me, cheated on me, gossiped about me (insert what you may here…) then, I have the right to be upset…” The thing that REALLY hit me today is the simple fact of…Jesus still loves us more everyday. We intentionally hurt Him; we cheat on Him; we gossip about Him; we slander Him; we do everything we can to deny Him, and He still loves us more everyday. If we are to love like Jesus loved…do we really have the right to be upset and hold a grudge against one of his children?

Thursday’s Thought: How are you loving like Jesus loved? Why don’t ya hand out a fist bump while ya think about it 🙂