Chilling HOPE

I have been listening to the song “27 Million” by Matt Redman and LZ7 on repeat this morning. This is a song that was recorded at Passion 2012. It proclaims the truth that there is more in this world than our comfortable homes with our families. We can’t refuse it anymore. We can’t shut our eyes and wish it would go away. We have to lift up our hands and praise God for what He is going to do, how He is going to use us, and how many people He is already speaking to…but most importantly we have to RISE UP.

I get chills every single time I hear this song…

…every time I think about the sweet face of a 4 yr. old child who is forced to have sex 5-10 times a day…

…every girl I see with a broken heart because someone spoke evil over her…

…every conversation I have about someone seeking the healing hand of Jesus because of the CRAP people do…

…every time I think about the woman who asked Christine Cain, “Why didn’t you come sooner?!”…

…every little girl that ends up in tears because she “isn’t enough”…

…every time…

Jesus has really been revealing a lot to me the past few days (but ESPECIALLY this morning). There are so many things happening today that we as THE CHURCH should not be allowing ON OUR WATCH!

* More slaves in the world today than any other time in our history

* Suicide on the rise

* People enjoyaddicted to the sex industry

* Families being ripped apart DAILY

One line of this song says it all…”27 million, ARE YOU JOKING?!” Yeah! You said it all right there…are you joking me?? What you have to realize is the fact that 27 million is not just a number…it’s…


Do something now…


Tiny Hands


Not For Sale


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