Sometimes A Girl Just Needs to Get Tangled

There are many days in my life where I notice I can’t do things.  I am a girl with a lot of creativity, a lot of dreams, a big heart, and not a lot of time.  I find myself constantly thinking, constantly wanting, constantly dreaming, constantly stressing myself out.  Why do I do this, you may ask…I have NO IDEA.  Sometimes I wish I could just shut my brain off and not dream, not desire more, not think.  The reality of that is…the more I try to shut my brain off, the more it works itself into a crazy tussle.

Jesus truly has blessed me with a big heart to serve.  There are so many things I think about, I want to save all the orphans, I want to rescue every slave, I want to buy all of my friends caramel apples to brighten their day, I want to smile at every single person having a bad day.  The reality of all these things is that one person can’t do them all.  None of these dreams are bad.  There is nothing wrong with having a heart overflowing with love.  That is if you’re careful with it…

There are many times I want to love the world, and I don’t receive love back.  There are many times I want to save every person, and I can’t even save one.  There are many days that I want to brighten with the joy I find in Jesus, and I can’t make one person laugh.  The blunt and honest truth is I have been seeing a lot of disappointment these days.  I have tried to save the world, encourage my friends, support and affirm those around me, plan trips, take rides…you name it and I’ll do it!  Even though I have been feeling a little bogged down, Jesus has still revealed Himself.

If you’re not careful with a big heart, you could easily find yourself investing your life completely in the arms of another human.  Giving your heart to anyone but Jesus is asking for disappointment.  It’s not fair to yourself and it’s not fair to them.  No one can fill the shoes of Jesus, and it’s really not fair for us to hold them to that impossible standard…The Lord has given me such a joy from doing all these things!  Is it always easy and full of fun? No, it’s not fun to get tossed aside.  It’s not fun to be rejected, or smile with no reciprocation.  It’s even harder to constantly get thrown aside by your friends, but the greatest thing is that JESUS IS ENOUGH.  He fills my cup in the mornings before the sun even begins to rise.  He overflows my cup with His goodness before anyone around me has the chance to bring me down.  I don’t need the return, and I can keep dreaming; my mind can keep racing because Jesus has so much to say to me 🙂 Sometimes Jesus simply wants me to rest in Him, and let me have a day for just…rest…

Wouldn’t be just wonderful to actually be in the boat with all the glorious lights around you?!? Gives me chills every single time!

These are the days I get to paint my nails, eat lots of cookies, lounge on the couch, pop in Tangled, and enjoy the goodness Jesus speaks through that movie.  My mind relaxes, and I don’t even remember the disappointments of the day.  I forget that things didn’t go like I wanted them to, and I simply rest in Jesus.  (I’m secretly thankful for a minute that people made me sad that day) 😉

This is one of those days…


One thought on “Sometimes A Girl Just Needs to Get Tangled

  1. Love this. Love that movie. Love YOU! Christ is absolutely wonderful at being there when everyone else isn’t, and you’re spot on – no one else is capable of being perfect and fulfilling every need except Him. He’s the only true Reliable…and even when others aren’t consistent, it is wonderful to know He always will be. You are precious & inspiring my dear! 🙂

    p.s. For the record, I am EVER so envious of you right now painting your nails & eating lots of cookies & watching Tangled. Haha. 😉

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