Self-Photo Challenge

Ok, so I usually like to make my blog about something completely different than myself…or do I? I don’t know…I never know what to write, but one thing that has really been on my heart is how easy it is for us to criticize ourselves.  It breaks my heart when I hear people speak badly about himself/herself.  One thing I really like to do is compliment people and love on them.  I am really good at noticing how beautiful other people are, and I LOVE to tell them repeatedly how beautiful Jesus made them!

The thing that hit me this week was this: “how often do I take the time to notice how beautiful God made me?” It is so super easy for me to compliment my friends and tell them how amazingly beautiful Jesus made them, but rarely do I look in the mirror and say, “Dang Meg! Jesus did a good job on you!”  That needs to change!  Practice what you preach right?!?  I’m not saying I need to become obsessed with myself, but I do need to be thankful, and notice the beauty that God created me to be.

I was challenged with this when I read my BEAUTIFUL friend Kara-Kae James Blog! She is taking the “Self-Photo Challenge” from The Paper Mama’s blog.  Now this is a contest, but I think it’s more fun just to do it for me 🙂 I am taking the challenge of noticing the beauty that Jesus made me, and I am doing that with this post right here!

Obsessing over…

Going overseas! I wanna do mission trips all the time! I can’t stop thinking about helping children all over the world! AHHHH! Here I am! Send ME!

Working on…

Stinking schoolwork…MUST GRADUATE! : /

Thinking about…

Taking a nap later on! I’m extremely tired, so my excitement is derived from the joys of an afternoon nap! WOOT! WOOOOOT!


Spring Break! I wanna go camping with Jesus!!!!

Listening to…

My teacher talking while laying on the floor (no joke….he is on the floor giving his presentation)


Right now…powder sugar doughnuts and drinking a mocho frapp from Starbucks 🙂


I was done with school! Classes are beating me up!


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