There Was Something Different This Year

Christmas was a different special story in my heart this year.  Let me just explain how my Christmas spirit usually played out in the past.  I have a weird addiction to baking, and I am overly obsessed with Christmas music (I usually start playing it in October).  I love Christmas decorations (considering I personally own 4 Christmas trees).  I was voted “most likely to celebrate Christmas all year long” my senior year of high school.  It is not a secret that this is my favorite time of the year.  I love everything about this time of year.  I really couldn’t explain why…

This year was another story however.  I didn’t even think about Christmas until one of my roommates started making snowflakes for our house.  I realized toward the end of November that I didn’t even know where my Christmas CD’s were.  Christmas parties were nowhere near my calendar, and I hadn’t bought one gift until the second week of December.  This was very strange for me, and so I tried to whip myself into shape.  I sat down and thought about planning a party, finding my CD’s, and much more.  I quickly realized that it wasn’t fun anymore.  I couldn’t stand any of the Christmas carols that I used to LOVE. The last thing I wanted was a hippopotamus.  I wouldn’t listen to anything that wasn’t for the glory of Jesus anymore.  Now most people are probably thinking…that’s not bad right?  OF COURSE IT’S NOT! It was just weird.  Miss “I still believe in Santa at the age of 20” was gone.  I didn’t care about Santa (He actually really scares the crap out of me creeps me out).  I didn’t understand what changed until I really spent some time with my heavenly Father.  It is kinda like Cindi Loo when she sings that song about “Where are you Christmas”, but I was praying “What changed about me Jesus”.  He simply showed me how different my heart was.

Christmas isn’t about the candles, lights, presents, family, sweets, and all that other crap wonderful stuff I used to be obsessed with.  Christmas is the celebration of our Savior’s birth.  It really hit me this year that people need to see Jesus.  Yes, it’s good to help at homeless shelters, and yes it’s good to offer your time or goods to those that don’t get to have a wealthy Christmas.  But the most important thing is they are lost without knowing our King!  They are lost without knowing that they are adopted children of our heavenly Father, and He is here with us.  EMMANUEL.  It is a season of worship, a season of praise, a season to really think about the INCREDIBLE miracle that breathed His first breath in a stable many years ago.  I can’t even imagine the thoughts that were running through minds that night…

What did Mary think when she felt the kicking of our Savior in her belly?  How did she feel knowing that she was going to be nourishing the King of Kings?  This simple girl was chosen to have the most intimate relationship with our Savior…Mary and Joseph were the first ones to see our Savior face to face.  They held Him in their arms and kissed His precious face…OUR KING! Are you kidding me?!?!  What was felt when she gave birth (I mean besides incredible pain) to our Savior?  Did people know the second He took His first breath?  Was there a change in the air?  Did people feel peace just sweep over them and not know why?  Our whole world was shaken in one night!!!  How did the shepherds feel as the stepped into the Lord’s presence?  He was only a little baby, but can you even imagine stepping into His presence, knowing that you were INVITED! YOU WERE TOLD TO SEE HIM?!?! Dang!!!  What did Mary feel when she first heard His cry?  What was she thinking the first time she was able to comfort Him and dry His tears???  A little baby comforted and loved by His mother…what did she feel??? What could you possibly feel as your son, the KING OF KINGS, the LORD OF LORDS, the PRINCE OF PEACE, the SAVIOR was laughing in your arms for the first time…oh gracious.  Every parents’ heart is melting right now.  What an incredible thing…our Savior breathing for the first time on this earth…

Who needs jingle bells and sleigh rides when you think about that?!

Beautiful Daughter of the King


2 thoughts on “There Was Something Different This Year

  1. I am so thankful for our sweet sweet KING! I am so thankful for the willingness of your heart to write this! I am thankful that our paths have crossed! And I get see Him, paint you beautifully on His canvas for your life! You are a blessing and PRAISE GOD! I can’t wait to read more! Very passionate!

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