Totally Slacking…

For those of you that know me, you are about to be blown out of the water. I am actually making some “resolutions” and I am actually going to stick to them! I know right! I’m going crazy! I know that the people who know me best just fell to the floor….whoever is around you, revive them because this is NOT a joke! I am actually going to do some things with my life! I’m no longer just floating around, I am actually going to make some commitments, stick to them, and write about them on this blog that you are reading now! I know, I know, you are so so so so so proud of me 😉

I know that New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to take place….ya know, when the New Year starts….but what can I say, I’m an individual for sure! Considering I have never been a huge fan of stupid New Year’s Resolutions in the first place, I am making my commitments now on February 28, 2010. I am committing to the following:

1) Mama and I are training to participate in the Memorial Half Marathon with my Aunt Kelly on April 25, 2010, and the Redbud 5K on April 11, 2010 — oober excited! (Keep asking me how it’s going so that I will be held accountable)

2) Reading the whole Bible by the end of the Year

3) I know this one is ridiculous, but I need to stop biting my nails — it’s a nervous habit of mine that just drives me up a wall, so NO MORE!

4) I’m going to get a job……eventually ha ha

5) I’m going to clean my room once a week (Yes, mama and daddy, this is legit!)

Anyways, short post tonight, but I wanted to get this down in writing so that I would kinda hold myself accountable…it will be good for me, and I am oober oober excited to get started! It’s gonna be an intense year, but I figure I might as well be ambitious while I’m young right??

More to come from my crazy mind later!


2 thoughts on “Totally Slacking…

  1. ….whoa. So after I was revived I read this. GO MEGAN! The biting nails one, I did, so you can definitely do! Job one, I also did so I know you can do. It’s not tons of fun, but it has it’s fun moments. 🙂 I am really proud of you for doing this and I will totally do everything I can to keep you accountable!! Even though I know I can’t really push you, because I can only hit you through a phone…but still!

    Also….I am in love with the tiny little smiley face at the top right hand corner of your page. It’s just there to brighten the day of anyone who bothers to look. I named him Stevie.

    I love you.

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