What I did with my life when it’s not in Stilly

It has been quite a long time since I have graced the blogging world with my presence, but I have decided to return tonight because I’m bored out of my mind, and I feel like talking and this has also been one giant run-on sentence, so I’m gonna put a period to make the madness of it all stop.

So I’m almost positive that everyone in the world is curious how college was my first semester…let me just tell you, think of a really fun and glorious time you have had in your life, and multiply that joy by 50…that doesn’t even cover it. Ha! Ha! Anyway, I ended up coming out with a 3.0 when a 2.0 was looking pretty grim, so I was oober excited about that. I met a lot of people, and dropped one class…not too shabby. There were some struggling instances, but my sweet roommate, and some wonderful friends I have met help me get through them, and it ended up being a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to this semester though, I really can’t lie to ya, for the first time in my life I actually WANT to go to school 😉

Aaaanywaaaays…after a great semester at OSU, I got a glorious month off of school to come home and do almost absolutely nothing. It was nice to have a break, but to tell you the truth I am sick of it. I want to be doing something–I want to go back to school. Here are some of my highlights from this month I have had off…

My best friend came home from Alaska, and we did almost everything you can imagine…we went to church together, we revisited our high school, we watched A TON of movies (Brothers, Sherlock Holms, Love and Basketball, House, I don’t remember the rest), we played board games including Cranium, taboo, and bananagrams, drank a ton of Sonic drinks, and even talked to a drag queen and its two drunk gay friends….it was a month of entertainment with her…(it always is)

Also, I hung out with the rents, me and brother spent some quality time together, and his friend Kaitlyn came in from Tulsa to see how we do things right here in the city Ha! Ha! I went to some of my babies basketball games, we had a few Class of 2009 reunion partaays, I went to Chickasha to see Christmas lights with my cousins and friends, I got to see three new baby additions to the family on Christmas and the day after (pair of twins-Kori and Trey, and sweet Madelyn) all of which are COMPLETELY adorable, I watch a lot of Christmas movies, and drank lots of hot chocolate, I baked a lot of cakes and cookies, ate a lot of BBQ ribs (delish), and I drove around A LOT.

All in all, it was a good break! I got to see all my old friends…ps, I find it funny that I’m old enough now to have “old friends”, Some things I have realized since graduation…I hate the mall–it’s ridiculous how many people all cram into one place to fight for some stupid material item that will be thrown away in a month or two…it just annoys me. I am getting old enough now that it hurts to stand for long, and I can’t sit still because my back hurts from old sports injuries…along with my knees. I think the most important thing to me though is the fact that I have matured into a better person. I have been in a few tussles over the break, but I was able to keep a cool head, I no longer yell, and I no longer hold things that don’t need to be held. It’s just cool to look at the person I used to be and say “I’m better than ‘that girl'”. It’s been a good 2010 so far…I’m just hoping that it stays that way. Even if 2010 isn’t the best year, there is no way in hell that it could be worse than 2009……those of you that know my life know that 2008-2009 sucked for me and my family…I have faith that it can only go up from here! Thank you Jesus for that! Romans 8:28!