We All Need Saving Sometimes

Ya know, I was sitting in my dorm room this evening, studying for my finals, and I took a little music break and put my ipod on shuffle…interestingly enough, “we all need saving” by John McLaughlin came on and it got my mind a rollin’

I am happy as a clam knowing that Christmas is coming, and I am done with school on Wednesday! I really could not be a happier camper…..especially since my best friend is coming home as well. This song got me thinking though that even though I am a happy camper, there are tons of people in the world that are not as happy as me, or not happy at all.

This weekend I watched my baby girls play basketball, and found out that one of them is bullied on a daily basis, and two of them were upset about a bad game, and other things were going on that just had them heart broken. Now I was just there last year, so I definitely have not forgotten how hard it is to be in high school and have teachers/parents riding you about grades, coaches riding you about playing well (or in my case I was riding myself), and then on top of it all you don’t fit in with your class??? Come on! I have never understood bullying, and I never will. I was also watching One Tree Hill Season 3 — which if you don’t know that show, this season contains a school shooting.

Now if any of you know me, when I watch a movie or TV show, I put myself in the show, I was locked in my room bawling at the fact that this poor child was forgotten at his school, and he lost all his friends, then he was bullied. He said the best day of his high school Senior year was the day that he was forgotten. The best day of his high school career was the day that not one person said anything to him — of course that is majorly depressing so he tried to kill himself. Not one person noticed he had been gone when he was recovering from that incident. Eventually he got tired of all the crap and came to school with a gun.

I think people need to step back and realize that people get hurt very easily by all this stuff. You may not even be doin it intentionally, but this week instead of laughing when someone falls, lend your hand and help them up. When someone is hanging their head, give em a hug or simply say hello. You would be AMAZED at how much a sweet voice helps on a bad day. You affect people every single day, even when you don’t know you are. A smile, a hello, ignoring, hitting, verbal abuse, all of these things affect people in a very significant way. So be careful and for once notice the one that never gets noticed because if you aren’t the one now, you may be tomorrow….cause sooner or later….



There’s a countdown Going….what will be next??? (I don’t even know)

Thaaaaaaat’s right people we only have to wait………………………..

14 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course some other fun countdowns going in my life….