Ya know sometimes there are things that come to your mind, and if you were to be completely honest with yourself you would scream “I’M CONFUSED!!!!!!” I don’t understand where these things come from, or why they do, but I do know that God says “Don’t worry.” Even though my tiny little human mind has NO idea where thoughts come from, why they come, or when they will leave, I do know with my whole heart that my God is in control, and He knows exactly how things play out. I am not supposed to understand why everything happens, or how it will end up. In all honesty — I hate that I don’t know everything, but I am ok with my God knowing everything. He is in control, and He knows when each situation will come up, how it will turn out and the timing of all the above. I trust my God completely, and even though I don’t know what is happening or when it will feel secure again, I am secure in that fact that my God is holding my future, holding my spirit, and holding my heart. I KNOW everything will be as it was designed to be because God doesn’t make any mistakes. I am trusting Him, leaning on Him, being still, and KNOWING He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Abba Father, Prince of Peace, and Mighty Holy Justice God! He is I AM, and I am trusting that!


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