Just Want to get some things out there….

Numero Uno….. College is definitely not as easy as I wish it would be. I don’t know why, but this week has decided to be the longest most busy week since I have been here, and it’s not even “DEAD WEEK” Oh boy……..

Numero Dos….. I am so grateful that I am not tempted to fall into some bad decisions such as drinking and smoking. Don’t get me wrong, I am not coming down on people that do that — It’s your life so do what you want with it. But I am just so grateful that I am not falling all over myself, throwing up everywhere, or smell like an ashtray at all times while slowly killing myself….

Number Three….. The friends that are so very close to me, I am more thankful for than anything. They get me, they understand when I need help, and they listen to me. Slight shoutout to precious Lauren Hood! I LOVE that we have found one another and we will be living together next year! Thank you for always being there — even though you ditched me in art history ha ha.

Letter Four….. I love my brother! He is a great listener, and he is willing to spend time with me even though I am a tiny little freshman that doesn’t know anything Ha! ha! He is the greatest big brother anyone could ever ask for!

Five….. I need a sonic drink — therefore I am done writing this post because I have to go get one RIGHT NOW! Sorry Reag….I am bragging that we have sonic and you don’t ha! ha! Still love you with my life though 🙂



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