Thanksgiving and Christmas

My favorite holiday in the entire world is Christmas–not because of the presents, but because of the wonderful music, the colorful lights, the glorious candy, the colors, the smells, the weather, the fact that it represents Jesus’ birthday among other things, (and a whole month off school ha! ha!)

Now you may read that little paragraph and think — “oh she likes Christmas, so cute!”, but let me just lay this out for you. I absolutely LOOOOOVVVVE Christmas! Every single part of it! I love candlelight services at church, I love green wreaths with red bows, I love jingle bells, I love snowflakes, I love stockings, I love evergreen trees with ornaments, I love Christmas wrapping paper, I love snowmen with top hats and scarves, I love Christmas sugar cookies, I love gingerbread houses, I love love love nativity scenes, I love Christmas movies (A Wish for Wings that Work, White Christmas, Elf, The Grinch, The Christmas Classics, A Christmas Story, and all those cheesy ones on Fa La La La Lifetime), I also love the ABCFamily’s 25 Days of Christmas, I love candy canes, I love listening to Christmas music 24/7, I love walking through the snow with a snow hat and scarf with boots, I love Christmas Caroling, and anything else that has to do with Christmas.

I was voted “most likely to celebrate Christmas all year around” my senior year of high school, and I totally plan to live up to that title! There is seriously nothing wrong with it. Nothing offsets my Christmas spirit, it really is “THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!”

On the other side of my Christmas cheer, a lot of people are angered by my spirit because I “skip over Thanksgiving”. The way I see things, I don’t skip over it. Where is it that you can’t celebrate Christmas everyday? Why can’t I celebrate both holidays. They are close together, and both have the BEST food, so why not mix them together??? My dorm room currently has a 3 foot tree with corn on it, and turkeys on the walls, with our stockings, santas, pilgrims, indians, angels, and snowflakes all living life together in harmony! I love Christmas, but I am “Thankful” for things every single day. I celebrate thanksgiving and Christmas every single day of my life. I wake up daily grateful for every breath my God has given me. My Christmas spirit gives me joy and peace. Why does it have to be celebrated on only one day? What is so wrong about being extra Christmassy Cheerful 365 days a year? I personally say nothing, and I will continue to celebrate it whenever I want. I find joy in Thanksgiving and Christmas and I will celebrate them all the time 🙂



Ya know sometimes there are things that come to your mind, and if you were to be completely honest with yourself you would scream “I’M CONFUSED!!!!!!” I don’t understand where these things come from, or why they do, but I do know that God says “Don’t worry.” Even though my tiny little human mind has NO idea where thoughts come from, why they come, or when they will leave, I do know with my whole heart that my God is in control, and He knows exactly how things play out. I am not supposed to understand why everything happens, or how it will end up. In all honesty — I hate that I don’t know everything, but I am ok with my God knowing everything. He is in control, and He knows when each situation will come up, how it will turn out and the timing of all the above. I trust my God completely, and even though I don’t know what is happening or when it will feel secure again, I am secure in that fact that my God is holding my future, holding my spirit, and holding my heart. I KNOW everything will be as it was designed to be because God doesn’t make any mistakes. I am trusting Him, leaning on Him, being still, and KNOWING He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Abba Father, Prince of Peace, and Mighty Holy Justice God! He is I AM, and I am trusting that!

Sometimes stress overcomes….and then you do!

So it has been no secret that I was having a BAD week. Man oh man stress was overtaking my life. I am struggling in two of my classes, and I have come to the conflict of “drop that class, or suck it up?” hmmm… if I were to be completely honest I still don’t know, and I have to know by tomorrow. Dang deadlines! Anyway, to figure out this dilemma I have been in meetings with advisors, professors, and financial aid all week. (In one day I had 4 meetings all before 10:30) Now don’t get me wrong all were necessary, but none of them really helped me much. Looks like it’s all a part of adulthood to make your own decisions….boo! I’m praying about it and looking for the answer of relief….I’ll let you know. Anyway, not only was I dealing with this little situation to keep my scholarship, but I also had to write a paper, build a lamp, study for a test, and finish a still-life drawing all before today — which is Thursday. All of this put together created my biggest stress week ever!

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I do not get stressed very easy, so it was a BIG deal that I was very very upset because of stress. Walking to certain classes I just wanted to lay in the grass and feels God’s peace through the sun and never move from that spot — but I had NO time to sit and enjoy 😦 It made me sad, but I am glad to say….I’M DONE! I got my drawing done, I finished my lamp, I did well on my psych test, and finished my paper — and many weights were lifted 🙂 Most of all, I have the greatest friends EVER. They know my true heart — Dr. Pepper and Ice Cream 🙂 Precious Abbey brought me a large Sonic Drink with Love, and my sweet Lauren surprised me with a Dr. Pepper before my test, and a GREAT trip to Orange Tree on her! I love these girls! They make me feel so much better when I am down.

On a precious side note, this note from my lil sis’s mom made my day!

Meg, you’re the girl!!! So go put your happy face on and know that God has given you the tools to get thru this! And if for some reason you have another set back, know that in God’s overall plan for your life, this is as small as a pimple on an ant’s butt. Shake it off and Go get em girl…. 🙂

I love her! Thank you to everyone who sent me encouraging notes and being there for me when I needed it! It really did help me out a lot!

OH! Ps, I have been on the phone with my mom for almost an hour, and we have all decided it would be in my best interest to drop this class! Decision made, and another weight lifted! Praise Jesus for being so good! Though we struggle, God fights for us! Oh Lord I’m Strong in you….and I will OVERCOME! (I did 🙂 no stress) YAY!!!!!!!!!

Just Want to get some things out there….

Numero Uno….. College is definitely not as easy as I wish it would be. I don’t know why, but this week has decided to be the longest most busy week since I have been here, and it’s not even “DEAD WEEK” Oh boy……..

Numero Dos….. I am so grateful that I am not tempted to fall into some bad decisions such as drinking and smoking. Don’t get me wrong, I am not coming down on people that do that — It’s your life so do what you want with it. But I am just so grateful that I am not falling all over myself, throwing up everywhere, or smell like an ashtray at all times while slowly killing myself….

Number Three….. The friends that are so very close to me, I am more thankful for than anything. They get me, they understand when I need help, and they listen to me. Slight shoutout to precious Lauren Hood! I LOVE that we have found one another and we will be living together next year! Thank you for always being there — even though you ditched me in art history ha ha.

Letter Four….. I love my brother! He is a great listener, and he is willing to spend time with me even though I am a tiny little freshman that doesn’t know anything Ha! ha! He is the greatest big brother anyone could ever ask for!

Five….. I need a sonic drink — therefore I am done writing this post because I have to go get one RIGHT NOW! Sorry Reag….I am bragging that we have sonic and you don’t ha! ha! Still love you with my life though 🙂