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Last Night I was reading a book that my daddy recently gave me and asked me to read for him. The title– Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date  8 Steps to No Regrets —by: Dennis Rainey

It’s so funny that daddy gave me this book because as I was reading it, all I could think was, “I have already made these decisions for myself without the help of a book.” The things in this book were very involved. Before a daughter dates anyone, that guy has to sit with her daddy and get to know one another a little bit. After my first relationship ended, I knew that I would never date another man until daddy and brother approved. My first relationship was not bad at all, but my family was not involved in it at all, and that is the one thing I truly regret about it. 

Dating is a serious thing to me, and I definitely don’t take it lightly. I would never date anyone that I can’t see myself marrying. I truly believe that before a dating relationship can be formed, a friendship has to be formed. I have certainly realized that not everyone has my belief, and I definitely have not always had this belief, but it is very important to me now. I have seen many relationships that are very bad, and I have also seen the relationships that I desire most. My youth pastor is probably the best example of a beautiful relationship because I have never met a man that loves his wife as much as he does. Not only does he show his love for her, but he talks about her in the most respectful, loving, beautiful terms I have ever heard.

I want to find a man that puts God above anything and everything including me. I want a man that will guide me through my relationship with Christ as well. I want to find a man that thinks I’m beautiful. I want to find a man that knows all the thoughts I’m thinking, and the ones he doesn’t know, he will do what it takes to find them out. A man that will stay up all night and just talk with me. A man that sends me flowers just because he thought of me. A man that loves to go on picnics in the park with me and swing on swings. A man that loves to watch sports and go to games with me. A man that will cook for me every once in awhile. A man that will come to all my crazy family functions just to sit and laugh with us. A man that can play cards with me for hours. A man that loves me unconditionally. A man that will laugh when my mouth is full of chocolate cake (because it is A LOT). A man that will enjoy my food cravings for McDonald’s french fries, Chinese orange chicken, orang smoothie, and a chicken burrito from Taco Bell. A man that simply loves to hold my hand for days. A man that cuddles on the couch as we share a blanket watching a movie. A man that doesn’t care how my hair looks in the morning, and thinks I’m beautiful without my makeup on. A man that sees every bad side of me and still can’t pull himself away from me. A man that truly cares for me more than his own life. I want to find a man that loves me like my daddy! (Although as daddy would say– that’s impossible to find, so I want to find the man that loves me ALMOST as much as daddy loves me!)

So I know perfectly well, if daddy don’t approve, then it’s OBVIOUSLY not the right guy! After all, daddy knows best! To make certain that daddy approves, I know the best thing to do is not even go on a date with him until he has met my daddy (and I really want brother’s approval too). A lot of people may find this crazy or old fashion, but I honestly don’t care. I have prayed strongly about this, and I know that I want to find my beloved that God has set aside for me to love. I don’t want to waste my time dating someone that can’t fit in with my family. I love my daddy, and I know that he has my best interest at heart. No matter how old I get, I know that daddy will always love me for who I am, and I will always be his little girl!

So, therefore going into college, I am going to make commitments and stick to them because I know that it will truly be best for me in the future!

1) Daddy has to meet and approve before any relationship can begin (brother has to approve as well)

2) I will not kiss until marriage

3) Holding hands and no touching except the back shoulders to the waist and hugs

4) Be smart with situations

I intend to stick with these guidelines no matter how long it takes, I know that my beloved is willing to do these things for me. I don’t plan on settling on any of these rules for myself. I am taking these very seriously because I want to find the right guy who was divinely called to be with me. I can’t wait to meet him, and I am praying for him every single day without fail, because I know that this world is a very tempting place, and I want to help him in any way I can without having met him yet. I pray for his relationship with Christ, and I pray he will stay pure. If he makes mistakes, it’s ok, forgiveness can be given. I just pray for protection and patience until he meets me.


6 thoughts on “From My Side

  1. I am so proud of you. It’s gonna be incredibly hard, not saying it’s gonna be easy, but it’ll be worth it. The guy you want, you’ll find, and it’s gonna be so worth it. I can’t wait for the call when you finally meet him! This is gonna be so amazing for you, babe. And you know I’m here for you 100% of the way. I’m just a phone call away. No matter what. Forever and always. Love you babe. Miss you like crazy. Can’t wait to talk about this in person!!


  2. that’s so awesome Meg. Reagan pretty much said everything I was thinking. haha. i’m proud of you..and i’ll do whatever it takes to help you = )

  3. “A man that will laugh when my mouth is full of chocolate cake (because it is A LOT).”

    I’ll have you know that I laughed out read when I read that, but I was crying by the end of this post haha. We need to talk about this, lovely. I can’t wait to watch God lay out His plan for all of us in the coming years. I love you

  4. Hey Kenzi, did you laugh our read?? That’s crazy!! How do you even DO that?! Hahaha just messin with you. love you girls

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