Let’s Help Them Out

Ok, so I went to Saturn Grill with the precious Makenzi Hargrove 2 days ago, and we had some incredible discussion that really got me thinking. What on earth has our world turned into? About 50 or so years ago it was unheard of to curse in front of a woman–now we cuss at them. It was unheard of to show your stomach–now we flaunt our chests and buttcracks. It was unheard of to go to a bar and kiss someone you don’t know–now girls are kissing girls, and going home with guys they just met. I don’t understand what has happened, and I personally would like to know why we let it continue. I personally fear for my future family and friends.

Why do we let our male friends live in such a place, or even worse–we create what they have to deal with. Why on earth do we as girls show off our cleavage, and wear short shorts and jeans that slip down in the back to expose our buttcracks?! By wearing these outfits and engaging in certain activities, we are encouraging men to be sleezebags…I seriously do not understand why we continue to do such things. We get horribly upset with guys that stare and whistle like we are ice cream cones or something, but honestly……CAN YOU BLAME THEM???? I certainly don’t! Men notice the things that we would never think of. A small chest is still a chest girls….they notice! Long legs can be tempting my friends…they notice! A shirt that is very loose shows off your boobs when you bend over girls…they notice! Tight jeans show curves…they notice! Nipping….they notice! They notice everything that we would never even think of…THEY WERE CREATED THAT WAY! 

Men are built to “see” every person in the entire world is aware of this, and no one can deny it. It is not a bad thing, it is simply how God created them. It does however make this world very difficult for them to live in because they can’t even drive down the street without seeing a billboard, a sign, a book, a girl that totally riles them up and gets their mind rolling wild. I personally have so much sympathy for all guys, and I don’t want to be the tempting stumbling block that pulls them down. I am SICK of girls not caring about what they wear, or wearing what they wear to get attention from guys (ps–that’s NOT the attention you want girls!) If you get down to it, girls are the reason that our guys are developing into such sleeze. We are destroying any good guys that we have left. I hate to look around and see the low-cut v-necks, the mini-skirts, the thongs hanging out of jeans, the bras that support absolutely nothing. We attract attention to ourselves by all of these things, and we get mad when we get the attention–WE ARE RIDICULOUS!

My commitment is made for my friends–the guys in my life who are struggling to stay strong in Christ. I commit to think about what kind of attention I am looking for. I commit to double check what I wear before I leave my dorm. I no longer want to think how I would react to my outfits, but how would a guy see my outfit–what will he notice before I do. I commit to help the guys of this world. I talk about the guy I want to marry, well I am going to help keep men good by not tempting them beyond what they have to deal with in the world. This world is really not fair to men at all, and I have really noticed that lately. I feel for them big time, and I commit to help them in anyway possible that I can! Prayer and Thoughts Daily!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Help Them Out

  1. You’re right. I hate what this crappy place has become. I hate the pressure on all girls to get attention of their own and do it with everyone else because we’ll look weird if we don’t. I hate how much they struggle and fight and when girls turn around and act all defensive like they didn’t know what they were doing when actually they picked out that outfit knowing full well what they were doing and how it was going to be received. It pisses me off to see girls freak out about a guy doing something or saying something forward when I watch her get ready and she comments, “MAN I’m hot!” UGH that makes me mad. I’m with ya, sis. All the way. I completely agree.

  2. You cant put all of the pressure on girls here… While I do agree with what you are saying, guys have a choice to look or comment on the way a girl looks. This problem should not just be left up to girls to fix.

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