College Experience….yep….

Ok, well I have made it through my first week of the big thing they call “College”. My first few days of classes were pretty boring because all the professors have to go through the rules, syllabus, and crap like that. –yes, I have kept up with all of them, and I actually wrote all the dates down in my little planner– I am off to a WONDERFUL start πŸ™‚ However, at this very moment I just have to say–I have a freaking zit that hurts like a butt on my forehead, and I don’t like it! Aaanyywwaaaysss……

I have cooked easy mac, rice and broccoli, bagels, toast, and that is about it ha ha the stove is down the hallway, so I haven’t made it there to actually use it yet, but I will πŸ™‚ I have eaten ice cream, and tons of snacks–I welcome in the Freshman 15 with open arms, but it seems to flee from me–OH WELL πŸ™‚Β 

Mondays and Wednesdays are my big class days–especially for the first 8 weeks because I have Freshman Orientation at 9:30 on those days for the first 8 weeks only….after that Ill get to sleep in until 10 because my next class is at 10:30–the wonderful class of Political Science in which I will be calling Stacie and Clinton because my professor needs some help in that area if you know what I mean. ha! ha! I mean I love the woman–she is funny, she tries to get me interested, the book is online which is kinda frustrating-can’t do anything about it, the class is fine, just not my cup of coffee ya know?

After my Political Science class, I go to Drawing 1 in the art annex which is a little off campus, so I only have enough time to stop by my dorm-fix some chicken nuggets or something, and head out there. Now this class is fun–I get to draw in sketchbooks, and the first day we got to do “blind drawing” ha! ha! This is exactly what it sounds like, we had to draw different people in the class without looking at the paper, and we also were not allowed to pick up our pencil from the paper….I know! Way too easy right?! Bahahahahahahaha! I’m just kidding–all of us looked sooooo ridiculous, but it was a good way to meet people and show them my funny side Β ha! ha! Oh, and I’m sure you want to know about the teacher–he is in his lower 50s probably, and he is kind of a dork ha! ha! he wears the khaki shorts, long patterned socks, converse shoes, and one of those short sleeved collared shirts that little boys wear on dress days ha! ha! But he curses a lot and he is stinking hilarious! He encourages us to completely let loose and feel free in that class, and I LOVE that about him! He is the typical crazy, laid back, free spirited art man πŸ™‚

After my Drawing 1 class–which did I mention that class is 3 hours long?! Ya! It’s a doozy! Oh well, I enjoy it :). Anyway, after this long class I get to go all the way across campus to one of my most interesting classes–they call it Psychology πŸ™‚ This class is taught by a grad student named Kristen. She is a hilarious woman that plays music during the class period, and cracks jokes the entire time, and does everything through slides and surveys! She is awesome—and no, she doesn’t need Stacie or Clinton-she dresses very well, and I might just have her talk to my Political Science teacher ha! ha! Anyway, this class is going to be quite a bit of work, but it’s ok, because I really enjoy the process of studying people πŸ™‚

Once I have done all of that, I get to go back to my dorm call up some peeps and grab a bite to eat! It’s a good day!

For Tuesdays and Thursdays—my class schedule is pretty dang easy, I wake up and go to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE class which is– dut duh duh duh! 3D ART! Yes, I get to play with clay, make sculptures, wood making, jewelry making, anything your heart can come up with I get to do in this class! I ADORE it! My first assignment is making a clay mosaic with texture and movement! It’s awesome! Ill post some pictures when I finish it! The teacher in this class is the epitome of hilarious! He is a huge beefy dude in his 30s that wears cargo shorts and colored v-necks everyday! He has the biggest arms and pecks I have ever seen! –yes Reagan, bigger than Chris Morgan!– I’m still debating if this guy is the real superman in hiding. He is a very sarcastic person, so he and I get along very well. And yes, this class is 3 hours as well–but the time completely flies! And I know it is totally shocking, but my table has been dubbed the fun, trouble-making table ha! ha! We’ll see how that goes πŸ™‚ We are the loud laughing girls that talk the entire time–when we are allowed to of course πŸ™‚

After this, I head back to my dorm to grab a bite then head over across campus to go to…..yep–Art History. This class is the class that I can just tell will be difficult, but it really does interest me πŸ™‚ Although I do not understand what these crazy Art History majors are doing with their lives when they graduate–I feel like all they can do is teach this class ha! ha! Ooh well, their choice πŸ™‚ Anyway….this was also my first class that ever mentioned anything to do with Christianity, and sadly, it was negative. She was talking about a date that read “30,000 bce” she said “We use bce because we don’t want to use that crazy BC Christian Crap” yeah…that touched a nerve with me! Let me tell ya! It was weird going from my little OCS Christian bubble where EVERY class became a Bible lesson, to college where the only time a teacher talked about it was to bash it. Oh well, “Welcome to the real world Megan!” But other than this fact, I really enjoyed this class–it is really interesting to see all the art from the beginning of time! I love all the little sculptures and cave paintings and such πŸ™‚ The only thing that Yall have probably heard of that we have talked about this week is the lovely….Stonehenge πŸ™‚ It was cool! The teacher is an older woman, that is very passionate about the art from Before Christ…ya! I said it! BC–no it aint crap to me woman!Β 

Oh well πŸ™‚ Friday is a wonderful day– I only have to wake up and go to Political Science from 10:30 to 11:45. Then I’m done and I have the whole rest of the day to do whatever I want πŸ™‚ It is glorious!

I have met a few people, and they have all been really sweet! Three girls I have really clung to are 3 girls from my 3D class. They sit at the fun trouble making table with me πŸ™‚ Bayley, Katie, and Lauren! absolutely presh! We are going to have a good semester in there together, I can just tell ha! ha! Uuuummmmmmm……Abbey naturally has introduced me to 135634939473956 of her sorority sisters ha! ha! And I can only remember about…..2 of them πŸ™‚ oops!Β 

I am also looking forward to something that I have decided to do—yes, I am joining a sorority, but it is completely non Greek if that makes sense ha! ha! It is the only Christian sorority on campus here, and as I was told, it is like a giant Bible study on steroids! I know it is a great way to meet good Christian girls, and I know that I can probably get connected with some good accountability there, and meet some life long friends! Rush starts Monday night, and I am oober excited! It should be a great way to keep my feet on a good foundation since I got separated from my foundation this year — shout out to Kenz and Reag! I love you guys!

Also…in latest news I think I found my new church home today! It is the lovely Sunnybrook πŸ™‚ Their college ministry is really involved and accepting and wonderful! I just fell in love with the worship and the atmosphere around the church! It was awesome! I think I will probably start getting plugged in here! I’m very thankful for how good our God is for bringing me to such a wonderful place! He knows I needed it today! πŸ™‚

And I just realized that I have been typing for a very long time so……

To sum up everything I have just said……It has been a wonderful week, classes are good, people are great, I’m joining a Christian sorority, and I’m pretty sure I found my church home πŸ™‚



From My Side

Last Night I was reading a book that my daddy recently gave me and asked me to read for him. The title–Β Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date Β 8 Steps to No Regrets —by: Dennis Rainey

It’s so funny that daddy gave me this book because as I was reading it, all I could think was, “I have already made these decisions for myself without the help of a book.” The things in this book were very involved. Before a daughter dates anyone, that guy has to sit with her daddy and get to know one another a little bit. After my first relationship ended, I knew that I would never date another man until daddy and brother approved. My first relationship was not bad at all, but my family was not involved in it at all, and that is the one thing I truly regret about it.Β 

Dating is a serious thing to me, and I definitely don’t take it lightly. I would never date anyone that I can’t see myself marrying. I truly believe that before a dating relationship can be formed, a friendship has to be formed. I have certainly realized that not everyone has my belief, and I definitely have not always had this belief, but it is very important to me now. I have seen many relationships that are very bad, and I have also seen the relationships that I desire most. My youth pastor is probably the best example of a beautiful relationship because I have never met a man that loves his wife as much as he does. Not only does he show his love for her, but he talks about her in the most respectful, loving, beautiful terms I have ever heard.

I want to find a man that puts God above anything and everything including me. I want a man that will guide me through my relationship with Christ as well. I want to find a man that thinks I’m beautiful. I want to find a man that knows all the thoughts I’m thinking, and the ones he doesn’t know, he will do what it takes to find them out. A man that will stay up all night and just talk with me. A man that sends me flowers just because he thought of me. A man that loves to go on picnics in the park with me and swing on swings. A man that loves to watch sports and go to games with me. A man that will cook for me every once in awhile. A man that will come to all my crazy family functions just to sit and laugh with us. A man that can play cards with me for hours. A man that loves me unconditionally. A man that will laugh when my mouth is full of chocolate cake (because it is A LOT). A man that will enjoy my food cravings for McDonald’s french fries, Chinese orange chicken, orang smoothie, and a chicken burrito from Taco Bell. A man that simply loves to hold my hand for days. A man that cuddles on the couch as we share a blanket watching a movie. A man that doesn’t care how my hair looks in the morning, and thinks I’m beautiful without my makeup on. A man that sees every bad side of me and still can’t pull himself away from me. A man that truly cares for me more than his own life. I want to find a man that loves me like my daddy! (Although as daddy would say– that’s impossible to find, so I want to find the man that loves me ALMOST as much as daddy loves me!)

So I know perfectly well, if daddy don’t approve, then it’s OBVIOUSLY not the right guy! After all, daddy knows best! To make certain that daddy approves, I know the best thing to do is not even go on a date with him until he has met my daddy (and I really want brother’s approval too). A lot of people may find this crazy or old fashion, but I honestly don’t care. I have prayed strongly about this, and I know that I want to find my beloved that God has set aside for me to love. I don’t want to waste my time dating someone that can’t fit in with my family. I love my daddy, and I know that he has my best interest at heart. No matter how old I get, I know that daddy will always love me for who I am, and I will always be his little girl!

So, therefore going into college, I am going to make commitments and stick to them because I know that it will truly be best for me in the future!

1) Daddy has to meet and approve before any relationship can begin (brother has to approve as well)

2) I will not kiss until marriage

3) Holding hands and no touching except the back shoulders to the waist and hugs

4) Be smart with situations

I intend to stick with these guidelines no matter how long it takes, I know that my beloved is willing to do these things for me. I don’t plan on settling on any of these rules for myself. I am taking these very seriously because I want to find the right guy who was divinely called to be with me. I can’t wait to meet him, and I am praying for him every single day without fail, because I know that this world is a very tempting place, and I want to help him in any way I can without having met him yet. I pray for his relationship with Christ, and I pray he will stay pure. If he makes mistakes, it’s ok, forgiveness can be given. I just pray for protection and patience until he meets me.

Let’s Help Them Out

Ok, so I went to Saturn Grill with the precious Makenzi Hargrove 2 days ago, and we had some incredible discussion that really got me thinking. What on earth has our world turned into? About 50 or so years ago it was unheard of to curse in front of a woman–now we cuss at them. It was unheard of to show your stomach–now we flaunt our chests and buttcracks. It was unheard of to go to a bar and kiss someone you don’t know–now girls are kissing girls, and going home with guys they just met. I don’t understand what has happened, and I personally would like to know why we let it continue. I personally fear for my future family and friends.

Why do we let our male friends live in such a place, or even worse–we create what they have to deal with. Why on earth do we as girls show off our cleavage, and wear short shorts and jeans that slip down in the back to expose our buttcracks?! By wearing these outfits and engaging in certain activities, we are encouraging men to be sleezebags…I seriously do not understand why we continue to do such things. We get horribly upset with guys that stare and whistle like we are ice cream cones or something, but honestly……CAN YOU BLAME THEM???? I certainly don’t! Men notice the things that we would never think of. A small chest is still a chest girls….they notice! Long legs can be tempting my friends…they notice! A shirt that is very loose shows off your boobs when you bend over girls…they notice! Tight jeans show curves…they notice! Nipping….they notice! They notice everything that we would never even think of…THEY WERE CREATED THAT WAY!Β 

Men are built to “see” every person in the entire world is aware of this, and no one can deny it. It is not a bad thing, it is simply how God created them. It does however make this world very difficult for them to live in because they can’t even drive down the street without seeing a billboard, a sign, a book, a girl that totally riles them up and gets their mind rolling wild. I personally have so much sympathy for all guys, and I don’t want to be the tempting stumbling block that pulls them down. I am SICK of girls not caring about what they wear, or wearing what they wear to get attention from guys (ps–that’s NOT the attention you want girls!) If you get down to it, girls are the reason that our guys are developing into such sleeze. We are destroying any good guys that we have left. I hate to look around and see the low-cut v-necks, the mini-skirts, the thongs hanging out of jeans, the bras that support absolutely nothing. We attract attention to ourselves by all of these things, and we get mad when we get the attention–WE ARE RIDICULOUS!

My commitment is made for my friends–the guys in my life who are struggling to stay strong in Christ. I commit to think about what kind of attention I am looking for. I commit to double check what I wear before I leave my dorm. I no longer want to think how I would react to my outfits, but how would a guy see my outfit–what will he notice before I do. I commit to help the guys of this world. I talk about the guy I want to marry, well I am going to help keep men good by not tempting them beyond what they have to deal with in the world. This world is really not fair to men at all, and I have really noticed that lately. I feel for them big time, and I commit to help them in anyway possible that I can! Prayer and Thoughts Daily!